Elisabeth Elektra: ‘My Sisters’

Elisabeth Elektra: ‘My Sisters’

Elisabeth Elektra continues to push boundaries with latest video ‘My Sisters’

Elektra is a musician who knows what she wants. Her unique styling, ethereal sonic output and lyrical message set her apart from a lot of musicians. 

Latest release ‘My Sisters’ is simply put – an anthem. She says of the song: “My Sisters is a cabalistic anthem for witches, sex workers and marginalised women and femmes everywhere. It’s a celebration of female sexuality, magic and the wisdom that women and all marginalised people have developed as a result of living for so long under oppressive systems.”

There’s a defiance in her delivery and its pulsating electronic backbone is a bonus. That coupled with a stunning video showcasing a spectrum of colours, costumes, dancing and strong women, it’s inspiring to see Elektra staying true to herself and her art. 

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