edapollo x Mild Minds: ‘Everything’

edapollo x Mild Minds: ‘Everything’

Mild Minds and edapollo‘s atmospheric new collaboration ‘Everything‘ is an exercise in minimalist electronica.

After successful tours together earlier this year, the Australian and UK producers joined forces in the studio, resulting in this stunningly muted yet richly textured track.

Mild Minds’ Benjamin David deftly employs his trademark wistful vocals and glitchy beats. Meanwhile, edapollo’s Ed Bidgood brings his cinematic synth washes. Together they strike a careful balance between organic instrumentation and electronic production.

Despite its spartan nature, ‘Everything‘ somehow feels lavishly layered. Sequencing pulses dynamically, at times fading into the background only to reemerge more prominently. Meanwhile, broad strokes are painted through atmospheric pads and textures.

Ultimately ‘Everything‘ rewards close and repeated listening. Mild Minds and edapollo have crafted a subtly complex electronic soundscape. This is downtempo electronica at its finest.

Photo credit (edapollo) right hand side: Liam Pethick

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