EAT FAST: ‘Sand Drone’

EAT FAST: ‘Sand Drone’

Having dominated a lot of our 2016 listening, EAT FAST emerged as one of our favourite bands of last year. The Newcastle 4-piece have caused a number of “damp pants” moments with their merciless audio assault.

A uniquely visceral experience, new single ‘Sand Drone’ may come across as a confrontational slab of alt-punk, but it runs far deeper. With the now recognisable higher octave, choral backing vocals that have become signature to the band’s sound, this has refined their decibel-defying guttural dynamic.

This is the dose of cacophony that will get you through the New Year in style.

Public Display of Affection’/’Sand Drone’ is available to preorder now or as part of the Flying Vinyl subscription. 

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