DYAN: ‘Cycling Trivialities’

DYAN: ‘Cycling Trivialities’

There is something magical about electronic trio DYAN. Their approach to production, their magnetic delivery and their cohesion as a band makes them stand out immeasurably.

Every time I read the word “cover” I get a bit nervous. They are so hit and miss these days with many artists not taking the time to interpret and translate in their unique way. Their take on Jose Gonzales’ ‘Cycling Trivialities‘ is thankfully faultless. This is like a breeze drifting through your hair, caressing your ears and providing a warmth so comforting, you don’t want it to end.

There’s an eerie melancholy flowing through its veins, but it still maintains a softness that places it with lullabies that have come before.

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