Conquering Animal Sound – Kammerspiel

Conquering Animal Sound’s debut album ‘Kammerspiel’ is one of my most anticipated debuts by any artist who have featured on Glasgow Podcart. To say that it has left me staggered is an understatement.

With songs like ‘Wasp’ it is unlikely you will hear anything as near to perfection all year. James Scott creates soundscapes of breathtaking beauty and coupled with Anneke Kampman’s rapturous vocals this song leaves you completely content. It conjures up the beginning of spring when everything comes to life and the colours explode all around you.

One of the most notable tracks on the album, ‘Flinch’ is spontaneous in its bloom. The rhythms and sounds in this song are like the marriage of space and a Thomas Newman score. Mark my words you will drink the rich and tranquil feelings that ‘Flinch’ helps create and it will leave you completely fascinated.

‘Crawl’ is vocally eruptive and combined with the magical interspersing’s of harp it is like sitting at a jam session with Bjork and Joanna Newsom. I became obsessive with this song and found myself chasing the thoughts I had about a bar 5 seconds previously as I just didn’t want it to end. You just have to fight everything in your head with songs like this, lie back and let it wash over you with its juxtaposition.

This album is a rousing showcase. Two individuals have clearly become soul mates on one record and have created something that will become one of the most definitive albums of any artist I know. The little tricks they use with sound such as the clipping of toys, the perfect vocal looping and the synthetic percussive beats which are timed exquisitely help make this sonic glory. ‘Kammerspiel’ is a visceral experience and the intelligence shown in its making is something that I will respect for my remaining years.

Halina Rifai

‘Kammerspiel’ is available now :

Conquering Animal Sound Live Dates:

10/2 – Snafu- Aberdeen

11/2 – Captains Rest – Glasgow

12/2 – Sneaky Petes – Edinburgh

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