Cina Polada: ‘Gloom’

Cina Polada: ‘Gloom’

With their self-titled debut EP via Strangers Candy due in September, Helsinki collective, Cina Polada, are back with their first release in around 2 years. 

Lead single, ‘Gloom‘, is pure, unadulterated, vibrant indie pop. With its raindrop guitars and¬†incandescent vocals cascading over it like rays of sunshine, the contradiction to its title and such notable lines,¬†“I’m just a waste of time”, prove how music can act as a means of catharsis no matter what form it’s delivered in.

This calls back to bands such as Let’s Buy Happiness who left a gaping hole upon departure. ‘Gloom‘ is a confessional with emotional charge, bathe in its resplendent, glacial charm.

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