CHUMP: At Least We Got A Song Out Of It

CHUMP: At Least We Got A Song Out Of It

Having started out music life as a bedroom project, lead singer Tara Masterson Hally was later joined by drummer Matt and bassist Tony to form a more dynamic CHUMP.

With help from Green Door Studios, the trio’s latest 7″ release (via Gerry Loves Records) is a triumphant throwback to 90s adolescence.

‘At Least We Got A Song Out Of It’, offers unexpected hooks thanks to Hally’s bewitching vocal. With a stream-of-consciousness approach, the sparse arrangement leaves time for you to realise how much you want to go back to sitting on your bed looking at inlays of CDs and vinyl for hours on end reminiscing about how shit the world is.

Don’t be fooled by the fragile melodies, this has a mixture of intellect and volatility. You are left mingling with their apathy and realise that CHUMP are the next natural progression on from the likes of The Delgados, The Wrens and Desert Hearts to name but a few.

You can buy the limited edition 7″ now via Gerry Loves Records.

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