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Spotify Playlist: The Hook

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. This week is about the hook, all the songs selected have captured our attention because they have lingered in our thoughts and made us return for further listening.  A rich, diverse and highly listenable collection of songs await your company. With love.

Spotify Playlist: Unrealized

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This playlist is about potential. Some of the musicians on here have gained notable praise, but there is depth to their music that is notable. There’s a moment of realisation when you appreciate their talent and hope that others are drawn to it in the way you are. With love.

Spotify Playlist: Intermix

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This week it’s another of those playlists that blend together. Starting with hip-hop/soul and moving through to indie rock with complete ease. Lylo are the glue for this one and their jazz injection mixed with indie, rock and more helps progress this seamlessly. With Love.   This week’s tracks: Wallace: ‘Frame…