Hobson Bay Coast Guard: ‘Dolphin Racer’

Melbourne surf-punk outfit Hobson Bay Coast Guard give the first taster from their forthcoming long player. ‘Dolphin Racer’, is a glorious, gleeful and high-power introduction to the quartet. Glued together with sugar-pop melodies and lush harmonies, this recaptures a preteen joy where there are no cares in the world, just you and the music.

Rachel K Collier: ‘Poison’

Rachel K Collier has been a pop success story for us over the last year or so. The London-based producer has developed a refined and bombastic sound releasing hit after hit. ‘Poison‘ is her latest triumph and one that wields enough notable pop ingenuity to separate her from the rest of the current commercial mainstream…

Cat Pierce: ‘Sometimes You Lose’

With a vocal created to soundtrack the best imagery, Cat Pierce’s latest release is another instance to showcase how promising she is as a solo artist. ‘Sometimes You Lose‘ is a compelling listen and one that beautifully illustrates how bittersweet romance can be. There’s a cynical undertone to it, but there’s a hope in her vocal…