Fresh: Noble Oak – ‘Hyperion’

Canada continues to showcase an extraordinary new school of electronic artists and Noble Oak is no exception. If he’s aiming for naïve beauty with ‘Hyperion’ then he has hit it consistently here. For something so minimal this is surprisingly lavish. Subtly melodic and gloriously compelling, this is a real headphones moment.

Fresh: Avec Sans – ‘Heartbreak Hi’

I  am still a sucker for euphoric 80s-influenced anthems and London-based duo Avec Sans have delivered another one in the shape of ‘Heartbreak Hi’. The first single from their forthcoming album is an exhilarating arrangement of electronic brilliance. Alice Fox‘s sentimental lyrics put a heartbeat at the centre of the automation and it’s very difficult…

Fresh: Infinity Bell – ‘Without’

Glasgow has this knack of catapulting a new, ridiculously well-produced artist every now and then. Today is the turn of Infinity Bell. ‘Without’ has emerged on SoundCloud and is by far one of the most confident and assured debuts from an artist. With an intelligent approach to production, it’s pop sensibilities still manage to melt…