Fresh: Infinity Bell – ‘Without’

Glasgow has this knack of catapulting a new, ridiculously well-produced artist every now and then. Today is the turn of Infinity Bell. ‘Without’ has emerged on SoundCloud and is by far one of the most confident and assured debuts from an artist. With an intelligent approach to production, it’s pop sensibilities still manage to melt…

Fresh: The Cradles – ‘Ideal Girl’

Welsh band The Cradles release new single ‘Ideal Girl’ out on March 25th via Solva Records. With its well thought-through arrangements and pointed narratives, ‘Ideal Girl’ is a flawless debut.  This is an inspiring, seductive rock hit and I cannot wait to see what comes next. 

Fresh: Hill – ‘Beckon (Run)’

As far as ballads go, Hill’s ‘Beckon (Run)’ is a beautiful production. The new single is the lead track taken from her new EP, Give It A Rest scheduled for release in spring of 2016. The Canadian has already impressed several music bloggers this side of the pond with her smokey RnB vocals. ‘Beckon (Run)’…