Cameron Roxburgh – The Serendipity Selection

Cameron Roxburgh – The Serendipity Selection

When I first received an email from Roxburgh stating that he was a self-taught, 16 year old guitarist I suppose I was a bit dismissive. That was until I started listening to his latest EP, The Serendipity Selection.

I think the first thing that struck me was the richness of his vocal, then came the arrangements of the song and the production of the EP. ‘Horizontal’ for a start is not like most of those uneventful tracks that you see performed by 16 year olds on YouTube. You know the covers on an acoustic guitar that become completely dull after about 30 seconds? There are little trinkets of sound and harmonies that augment the quality and texture of ‘Horizontal’. In fact, all the tracks have the same quality and you are taken by complete surprise by the direction in which the tracks go.

The closing track on the EP, ‘Brittle/Gentle’ is an emotive anthem. Thanks to his earnestness and sincerity, Roxburgh has delivered the obvious masterpiece of the EP.

Roxburgh shatters all notions of doubt in my mind. This is a well-rounded EP that illustrates a young musician with old-time craftsmenship. The Serendipity Selection is a very moving and involving addition to my music collection.

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