Bryde: ‘The Trouble Is’

Bryde: ‘The Trouble Is’

With her album The Volume Of Things set for release on 29 May 2020 via Easy Life Records, Sarah Howells aka Bryde reveals the striking lead single, ‘The Trouble Is’

Bryde’s reputation of one of music’s hardest working artists is well-known and whilst the Welsh native has a plethora of multiskilling talents within the industry, it is sometimes forgotten how insanely talented she is as a performer. 

Her latest single is a gamechanger. It resonates melodically in ways that are instantly arresting and there’s a confidence and maturity that places her as an artist who is completely comfortable in their own skin. 

As earnest as it is discernable, there is a strong theme of catharsis here and someone who has created their own clarity. 

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