Bronto Skylift – ‘Date With A Ghoul’

Bronto Skylift – ‘Date With A Ghoul’

I think there was a point where people began to think that Bronto Skylift were no more, so it was a welcome surprise when they announced out of nowhere they had a follow-up album on the horizon.

Date With A Ghoul is far more dexterous than previous offerings. Drummer Iain Stewart and guitarist Niall Strachan are fairly matched now in terms of ferocity and Strachan’s riffs have succulence behind them that was sometimes previously lacking. I think this can also be put down to the master recording techniques of Chem 19’s Jamie Savage.

It must be noted that Bronto Skylift have always been a band to see live rather than hear on record, however things have changed. ‘Stormer’ is a fine example; the opening riff’s bone-crunching austerity alone will keep your ears transfixed. Whilst fury prevails throughout this album, for me, ‘Stormer’ is the angst anthem of the record.

Date With A Ghoul may potentially polarise listeners, but there is literally no point chastising them for being destructive as this is wonderfully innovative. Sometimes you just have to let yourself give into unbridled creativity. This is beautiful misanthropic music and more importantly one hell of a record.

[Halina Rifai]

Bronto Skylift’s album launch is 11th September with support from Felix Champion & Sharptooth. Nice N Sleazy and MILK will play as hosts. Tickets are £5 and the album will be available to buy on the night.

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