Bossy Love: ‘Whiplash’

Bossy Love: ‘Whiplash’

The percentage of Scottish white lad rock bands and the press that surrounds them has allegedly called for a look at population control methods to be incorporated. 

I of course jest, but it is indeed a blessing as that generic musical sieve will help sift out a number of gold bullions including this one. It’s no secret that our love of all things Bossy has long been strong on our small blog and they return (thankfully) with uplifting new single, ‘Whiplash‘. 

Wonderfully indulgent, there is shape and personality here. The outfit’s token smart production is its elevation and its innovative cache of electro, R&B and even hip-hop sets it apart from the masses. 

The hooks keep coming and we keep returning. Bossy Love continue to be one of Scotland’s finest exports. 

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