Blush FM: ‘something other than love’

Blush FM: ‘something other than love’

With her latest single ‘something other than love‘, New York singer-songwriter Andromeda Hewson, known as Blush FM, explores the complexity of human connections that defy labels.

She delivers thoughtful lyrics over moody synth-pop production with her own unique melancholic touch.

Hewson’s velvety vocals shine as she reflects on a relationship that was neither love nor lust, but an intimate ‘grey area’ of bonding. Her poetic words give insight into the nuances of emotion and connections that we often simplify. This is a sophisticated track from an artist with captivating songwriting talent.

The production is atmospheric with its hazy synths, creating a cinematic feeling that complements the vulnerable lyricism. Blush FM shows her talent for crafting lush soundscapes that draw the listener into her inner world.

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