Bloc+Music Compilation #1

There are compilations galore emerging this week! Continuing the DIY theme, Bloc+ have also announced a release.

The bar/venue on Glasgow’s Bath Street has been supporting grassroots music for an impressive time now. Aside from the fact that they don’t charge people to come in for gigs AND they pay fees for the bands, they also have a label Bloc+Music. The label acts as a platform to fund artists and give them much needed help releasing music without tying them to a contract. The ethos is incredible and gives valuable experience.

They have now announced a series of compilations that will be released 2 weeks apart. The 1st one has an impressive roster featuring many artists that we have covered. Favourites include: Adam Stafford, Cutty’s Gym, Vasa and Young Philadelphia. It doesn’t stop there though, I still shake my head in awe at the monumental talent in this country and this is just a small taster.

The compilation is free to download so there are literally no excuses.

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