Best Of October

Best Of October

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in October for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

Jonny Faith x Mohamed Camara: Fana

The fusion within the production here showcases a confident producer. The melding of prismatic melodies combined with rich vocals creates a body of work with many dimensions. It feels almost graceful in sound and its sophistication and approach overshadow a number of artists in the same field. The depth in the layering provides such a rich gravitas that the listening experience is pure joy. 

BLEU ROI: Front Yard (Light)

Taken from their forthcoming full-length release entitled Dark/Light, via Plus Plus Records, the Swiss 4-piece manage to adopt restraint and wild dynamism within the same sonic space. This is touching, warming and a masterclass in gorgeous production. It’s heart-bursting deliveries like this that make dream-pop one of the most exciting genres to delve deep into. 

Joya Mooi: Been Here

Her South African roots have been cited to contribute to her experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora but her delivery and approach to her music make this feel as relevant as any commercial Neo-soul artist on the block. Mooi has confidence within her work which makes it feel effortless. Her vocal tones and character are first-class and she continues to pique our interest with every release. 

NANCY: Clic Clac

The titillation in the vocal performance alone is worthy of your attention. Critically acclaimed by an abundance of music press tastemakers, NANCY has produced a garage rock gem. The production makes this soar this thrives on confidence, its shuddering riffs and fuzzy audacity all meld into one inexplicably joyous head fuck. 

Arlo Parks: Sophie

It feels almost embarrassing in contributing a voice to the musical elite who have praised the singer-songwriter. With a your accompanying the faultless Lyle Carner on the horizon, her languid tones will be a gift to any new listener. There’s a jubilant grace that underpins this performance and its confidence comes from its simplicity and immaculate performance. 

Lucia & The Best Boys: Good Girls Do Bad Things

With a notable name embellishment, the Glasgow outfit emerges with a video that embodies Westworld meets One Upon A Time In Hollywood meets Flashdance. Lucia’s vocal continues to be the star of the show and captures a plush delivery. This is not just style but notable substance and whilst she may have included “The Best Boys” this is firmly about her vocal talents and the atmosphere she creates around her music. 

The Vegan Leather: Heavy Handed

The Scottish outfit continues to break through the mediocre indie-rock barrier and are one of the most exciting groups to emerge from the country over the last few years. Their latest release packs a notable injection of dark energy. This is a song to indulge in and its cohesion is stunning. Its deep heady synths will have a lot of new fans sitting up and paying attention. This is dance music for the hardcore fans and if a band is going to make the rest of the world focus on Scotland – it’s The Vegan Leather. 

Lonelyspeck: Brine

A previous Song of the Day from Podcart, the Australian producer returns with another euphoric banger. His understanding when it comes to production is incredibly impressive and the depth within its layers make you want to immediately delve into his back catalogue. This is a pure headphones moment and I cannot wait to hear what’s next. We wait with bated breath for a live show. 

Rachel K Collier: Three Faces

Where to start? The Welsh producer is one of the finest new musicians in recent years. She belongs in the same category as stalwarts Robyn thanks to her exceptional craft. Her debut album RKC places firmly in our top ten of 2019 and it’s simply an honour to experience her music. Collier continues to establish herself as one of the country’s most notable producers and deserves to be at the centre of the world’s stage. ‘Three Faces’ will have you elated, inspired and humbled. 

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