Best Of September

Best Of September

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Scarves: Crushed Ice

Taken from their album Dinner Dates for the End of Days, released recently, Seattle-based alt-punk trio Scarves have emerged with the gloriously sprawling, ‘Crushed Ice’. With a signature emo, slacker sound, this progresses into welcome ballast with a gutsy delivery. This impresses with its notable dynamic and heady injection of anarcho-pop. 

Anne Malin: In Waves

Conceived by Anne Malin Ringwalt and William Ellis Johnson, this is a song that any ambitious cinematic production would be lucky to have soundtrack it. There is a diversity in its score that weaves feelings of sorrow, unease and love. There is an incredible ambiguity in the lyrics and its musical accompaniment is jaw-droppingly accomplished.  This may be one of the finest songs of the year. 

Django Django: Swimming At Night 

The lead track off Django Django’s new EP Winter’s Beach out this October sees the band continue to illustrate their immaculate production values and signature kaleidoscopic sound. With a video that perfectly channels their charming vibrancy, the daydream-esque dynamic here is part of a sonic jigsaw which is also fixed with entrancing electronica and lulling vocals. 

Gracie & The Valley: Serotonin

Admittedly, this may not tap into my general tastes stylistically, but Gracie Bates has an undeniably striking vocal and the clear relationship with her band when it comes to the performance here is wonderful. In a fiercely digital age, this shows a noted singer-songwriter who stays true to their roots in a satisfyingly organic way. This is elegant and surprisingly moving. 

Rosie Carney: Thousand (feat Lisa Hannigan)

With her anticipated debut album out in January 2019, whenever Carney’s name pops up with a new release you are guaranteed to fall in love all over again. With elements of an old soul about her, this is a gorgeous lullaby and one that combines her clear craft and emotion resulting in a beguiling experience. The intimate moments she creates are ones to remember. 

NVDES: Mind Body Soul Music

The LA-based artist returns with a conceptually fascinating listen. This is a relentless 3 minutes 12 seconds that has zero inhibitions and pushes all genres to one side. Gospel postures and erratic soul-fuelled vocals are what elevates this to the next level in terms of listening and the result is pure escapism. 

Tetnis: Cut It Out

The venom with which this is delivered makes it all the more appealing. There is little info on the Ohio-based garage rock outfit, but that’s far from essential when listening to their frenzied, yet melodic debut. There’s a self-assuredness and attitude that seeps through the music that’s vital for me and one that makes me adore this even more. 

OK Button: The Message

It always feels like an epiphany when you find a lyric, song or melody that feels like an anthem. Dream-pop trio OK Button have achieved that and emerged with a debut that is cosmically mammoth. Combining pristine production with well-realised songwriting, this has an emotional profoundness that will spark defiance in many a listener. This is essential listening. 

Whenyoung: Given Up

The Limerick trio has enjoyed heavy praise from industry and peers. Their latest single will have fanbases from Hole to The 1975 queuing up to listen. With an angst beneath the surface, this has manifested instead into a jubilant, melodically rich anthem. This is a passionate response to their influences and one that is a sonic knockout. 

Faodail: Peter

It’s been a remarkable listening journey with Scottish producer Faodail aka Callan Marchetti. There’s an investment from us that comes at no cost and one that makes us feel lucky. His ability to merge electronica and neo-classicism seamlessly places real heart in the music he produces. This is a tribute to his cousin who has since passed and there is a clear, palpable sadness within the score. This is aurally stunning and Marchetti is a young producer to keep an ear firmly on. 

[Kirsty Stewart]

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