Best Of October

Best Of October


We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Underwater Boys: ‘Everyone You Know’

01_UWB - lead

Brighton duo Tom & Nick Klar aka Underwater Boys have emerged with their wonderfully whimsical new release, ‘Everyone You Know‘. Underpinned by a dreamy fuzziness, this is something that will appeal to the psych fans out their, but in equal measure, to those that appreciate more endearing approaches to music. 

Kllo: ‘Dissolve’ 


The follow-up to undoubtedly one of the year’s most exciting songs, ‘Virtue‘, Kllo are back with another pristine illustration of solid production and addictive electronica. This is a winning combination of sweet vocals, an even sweeter hook cradled in exquisite beats and melodics.

The LaFontaines: ‘Common Problem’ 

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.48.04

The Scottish outfit has done wonders in building their fanbase. Renowned for an electric live show, they have cemented themselves as a dynamic and intriguing band. Their latest offering, ‘Common Problem’ continues to showcase what an excellent musical core the quartet have. This is ridiculously catchy.

Monophona: ‘Lada’


Tight, pulsating and hook-laden, Monophona will have you pressing repeat as soon as this is finished. There’s something raw and unprocessed about this which is fascinating given the electronic nature of the song. This is a self-assured and striking release.

Warbly Jets: ‘Ride’


Whilst this isn’t groundbreaking, it does a great job of calling back to films such as Dazed and Confused and bands like The Dandy Warhols. Saturated with sustained vocals, driving guitars and introspective, psychedelic lyricism, this is an accomplished offering that could provide a soundtrack to any road trip.

Agata Karczewska: ‘Envy is My Sin’

Agata Karczewska

With its poetic realism and inner strength, Karczewska has penned and delivered a song that explores an innocence but also interprets her determination on a level that is notable. Her journey is well worth following.

Deeper Upper: ‘Summer We Lost

Deeper Upper pic by Rytis Seskaitis

80s enthusiasts will be crawling all over this. Deeper Upper’s latest single has enough hooks to spread over an entire album nevermind one song. This is vibrant, euphoric and will find you struggling not to move in time. This is a timeless, exquisite pop song.

Cautious Clay: ‘Joshua Tree’


A fascinating discovery in 2017, Cautious Clay has provided a new realm of listening. Its mixology is sublime, a fusion of deep electronic with gospel. This is someone pushing the boundaries and engaging with their audience on a level that is intoxicating and laden with exuberance.

Ada Lea: ‘The Dancer’


With mental health as its undertone, ‘The Dancer’, has an emotional truth crying out. This exposes fears, longings and tales in a way that is enchanting despite the melancholy. Visionary in its sonic impact, prepare yourself for an affecting listen.

AUTOBAHN: ‘Execution/Rise’


The Leeds 5-piece bring their dark, paranoid gut-punching sound to the forefront with ‘Execution/Rise’. Immediately gratifying with its percussive onslaught, its post-punk influences are combined with something far headier resulting in unadulterated barbarism.

Blue Americans:Ceremonies’


New kids on the block, Blue Americans have emerged with an astounding debut. Unassuming and forward-thinking in its electronic-pop approach, it has a reference to notable artists such as Imogen Heap, but with a more organic approach. It’s intriguing synthetic whispers and velvet vocals are part of a bigger painting that hopefully indicates lots more from the 2-piece.

B O K E H: ‘Great Heights’


With its vulnerable freshness, this hits the sweet spot between naivety and expertise. The production might be slick, but it doesn’t diminish its thoughtful loveliness. This will take you on a scintillating journey of love and loss.

New Luna: ‘Opinionated’


The Manchester outfit has penned one of my favourite songs of the year thus far. In a time of guitar bands that range from the fucking bland to the diluted indie lad pish saturating music at the moment, I am so thankful for this. Their energy, ambition and grit takes me back to times when I discovered as a teen and thrusts it into the hear and now. Thank you. Truly.

TEEN RAVINE: ‘Steady On’


The Canadian duo has swept into our listening stream with something universally accessible. The kind of electro-pop that has the potential to dominate the mainstream, but win over those in the underground too. There is a distinctive talent here.

Ambient Jazz Ensemble: ‘Breathe It In’


An arresting composition that illustrates a collection of sublime artists and distinctive musicianship. This is an elegant, modern score fusing culture, genres and techniques in a way that some will be reminded of artists such as Nitin Sawhney, Massive Attack and more. Immerse yourself completely with no disruption as this demands your full attention.

Pure Mids: ‘Maybe It’s Alright’


It’s often the stereotype that California is the home of dream-pop and West Coast artist Pure Mids manages to back up that theory perfectly. His latest release, ‘Maybe It’s Alright’ is a shimmering, number that will make your heart grow a few sizes bigger.

Loyal Lobos: ‘Dirt’


The Colombian chanteuse adds another triumph to her endlessly surprising output. Perfectly thought-provoking, this is a perfect balance of folk, Americana and pop that shows a singer-songwriter with a bright future ahead of her.

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