Best Of November

Best Of November

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Charlene Soraia: Tragic Youth

This is the second time Soraia has graced Podcart, but also with this song. A stripped back, liver version of what has been our Song of the Day, she deserves wholeheartedly to be highlighted again. Her vocal may immediately captivate, but upon further listening, it becomes obvious that her musicianship is just as intricate. Soaked to the bone in maturity and melancholy, despite its delicacy, this will have your blood and heart pumping. 

VONAVI: Sunburst (feat. Run Rivers)

Producer Andrei Ivanov aka VONAVI emerges with an atmospheric and cinematic masterpiece. His talent comes partly from his restraint and his ability to seamlessly forge stunning atmospherics. Compositionally, there is notable talent here that dazzles, it also feels far more accomplished compared to many of his peers. It takes great skill to inject a level of striking emotion when it comes to electronica and Ivanov pulls this off with ease. 

Silverbacks: Just In The Band

The Dublin-based quintet comes hot off the heels of a stunning emergence of several notable Irish rock and indie artists pushing a real focus on the city. With a real feel of classic British post-punk, everything from its musicianship to its caustic delivery and unrelenting dynamic makes this a thrilling debut introduction for us. There’s an addictive intrusion of brutality pulsating in the guitar lines and whilst this is smart songwriting, there is a tantalising promise of exciting things to come.  

Pursohn: Headfirst

The mysterious London producer succeeds on a set of considerable strengths. The subtle melodic hooks and an unyielding kinetics that drive this are sensational. This grips on and doesn’t let go for its duration, it flourishes stylistically and takes you to an ethereal and otherworldly place you don’t want to return from. 

Famous: Surf’s Up!

A frenetic 2 and a half minutes, the London six-piece have created a disjointed yet enslaving indie-punk oddity. Its tumultuous instrumentation, manic vocal and lyrical approach and unsettling compositional values make it one of the most memorable songs of 2018. This offers a perfect representation of a band trying to break the mould and is as breathtaking as it is menacing. 

Desert Liminal: Pipedream

An emotive and enthralling offering from the minimalist duo, ‘Pipedream‘ perfectly melds understated electronica with celestial vocals and an ardent percussive underbelly. There’s a real beauty that shines through in its delivery and its graceful sophistication is sublime. 

Kim Anderson: Yarrow

The New York singer-songwriter will no doubt attract fans of Joanne Newsom, Laura Marling and the like. Assembling melodies, textures and intricately weaving everything into a wave of sonic pleasure, there’s a complexity here that isn’t overwhelming, but leaves a haze of contentment in its wake. 

Micra: Child Grows Old

The Sydney-based duo has gained notable critical praise in their native Australia. Our first introduction, its an embracing listen and one that vertiginously builds into a spectral wonder. This is expertly crafted dream-pop that is dimensionally fascinating and packed with rich melodic potency. There’s a level of understanding in their songwriting that puts them firmly as ones to watch in 2019. 

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