Best Of November

Best Of November

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Lavender Child: ‘Happy Illusions’ 


The lead single from the upcoming EP, Reflections serves as a stunning listen. As musically subtle as it is, the dynamic within this alone will almost guide your breathing. With its spectral feel, there are so many treasures beneath the surface of this that repeated listening is mandatory.

Table Scraps: ‘Sick Of Me’


There’s a romantic dysfunction here from the Midlands trio. Taken from their upcoming album Autonomy, this may have a straight-forward delivery, but its antagonistic, addictive arrangements make this compulsive listening.

Safetalk: ‘Mimic’


There’s an organic entity that exists along with the more synthetic elements of the record. The trio has created a warmth within their electro that is seldom present at times. This is a wonderful surprise and one that will take you on an otherworldly journey.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: ‘Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix)’

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 16.06.19

This is a welcome and satisfying collaboration from two stalwarts. Compositionally savvy, this has clever sonics supported by its strong percussive backbone. A bombastic mix that will have you moving in time.

Liza Anne: ‘Paranoia


As exceptionally strong as this is in terms of emotion and drive, it still has a poetic whimsy that lets you connect with Anne on another level. The textures in this are absolutely stunning and this will take you on an aural labyrinth of sheer delight.

Eugenia: ‘Byen’

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 16.17.45

Bursting with ideas and inspired moments, the Copenhagen duo has penned a thrilling track. This is a 2-piece that have transcended their influences and emerged with something that stimulated the mind and uplifts the senses.

Chaouche: ‘So What’


The Bristol-based chanteuse releases her third single and strikes a balance between dynamism and delicacy perfectly. With its angelic, choral backing and beautifully understated vocal delivery, this is a triumph.

Queens Of The Stone Age: ‘The Way You Used To Do’

Villains_bandshotBW1_ANDREAS NEUMANN

With Homme’s heavy drawl smoothly sewing this together, this wields some power riffs and maintains QOTSA’s signature sound. It evokes a glam rock attitude and will continue to please a dedicated fanbase.

Thyla: ‘Tell Each Other Lies’ 


This is a breathtaking song from the onset, vocally it reminds me of artists such as Cocteau Twins and musically, it’s like The Smiths met M83 and made love. This is incredibly ambitious, extremely personal and a song I will listen to long into the future.

Artificial Pleasure: ‘Wound Up Tight’


With its blend of indie-rock and dance attitude, this is something very special. Packed with hooks and accompanied by a visually stunning video, this is a definite highlight of 2017. It’s Talking Heads-style polyrhythms are the icing on an exceptional cake.

Slenderbodies: ‘Amnesia


Slenderbodies vocals are their signature, it still perplexes me (in a completely positive way) how they are achieved. The second song to be featured by us this year from the duo and this continues their genre-defiant output. Seamlessly, interweaving breathy vocals and reverb-heavy production place this as something in the ether. A lush composition.

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