Best Of November

Best Of November

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out in November for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them.

White ChinaFacade (II EP)

Beatnik Creative continues to showcase a memorable roster. LA-based duo White China hit all the right notes with an overwhelmingly addictive lo-fi earworm. This surprisingly emotional alternative ballad is poignant, unassuming and deeply romantic. They manage to retain the thrust of vulnerability throughout and you will find yourself swept up in their magical world. 

Celeste: Strange

Arguably one of the most beatific artists to emerge of late, the soul tour de force emerges with video almost as affecting as her voice. This expertly crafted sonnet is tinged with a melancholy which augments the song’s simple yet impressive arrangement. Her voice is given the ability to soar above its backing which further amplifies her talents. 

Prospa: Control The Party

Prospa have managed to carve out their unique path in 2019 emerging as a new dance outfit to worship. Their sound is a call back to classic euphoric underground rave and their anthemic breakbeat exterior feels both fresh and nostalgic in equal measure. 2020 is going to be an interesting year for the Leeds two-piece. 

Zoe Graham: Gradual Move

The maturity shown here by Graham alone is stunning. Her vocal channels a level of depth that hits you instantly and her lyrics are far more than poetic whimsy. As refreshing as lungs full of fresh oxygen, she radiates a warmth that further reveals there is pure talent at her core. 

Arlo Parks: Angel’s Song

The London-based musician and poet is another artist who has shone in 2019 and already established herself as a one to watch in 2020. The subtleties in Angel’s Song are its flawless strength. Her lyrics create a mesmerising wash of relatable imagery and her vocal fragility places you in an embryonic sonic cocoon. 

Tape Trash: If You Wanna Know

The Norwegian outfit continues to lay the foundations for something impossible to ignore in the indie field. Their emotive guitar rock is fantastically indulgent and they have an undeniable knack of penning some of the most addictive melodic hooks you will hear. 

Ego Ella May: Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys

The South London singer-songwriter is one of Neo-Soul’s new epiphanies and her honesty is just one of her bow’s strings. Her lyrical flow is seamless and her storytelling will transport you immediately into her world. The vivid detail she exposes is overwhelming at times and her creativity will leave you in awe. 

Jason Nolan: Peach

This indie-electronic wonder will leave you inspired, emotional and joyous. As much a personal statement as this is a cohesive layering of stunning sounds, the heart and soul within this is as special as its delivery. As a musician and producer, Nolan proves his worth and Peach is a masterclass in both. 

Stephen Caulfield: Lava Fields

This is one of the most stirring songs we have featured of late. A swelling, atmospheric score which ebbs and flows to points where you feel your heart may explode. The dynamic in its delivery and arrangement is nothing short of remarkable and Caulfield has managed to channel the beauty of his natural surroundings into this composition so effortlessly that you are able to create your own visions. This is a masterpiece. 

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