We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Grace Gillespie: ‘Everything (Nothing)’


From Devon to London, artist, and producer, Grace Gillespie blends styles and delivers her vocal in the most effortless way.  The song’s dreamlike sensuality is as memorable and entrancing as waves lapping up on a shore. Gillespie is one of the finest vocalists I have come across so far this year.

Boerd: ‘Blind’


This hugely impressive piece of work will reveal more layers upon further listening. Almost like a painting, the light and shadows created in this subtly dynamic composition are wonderfully sophisticated. Boerd inducts himself into a hugely exciting group of lo-fi electronic producers who are both fascinating and mysterious.

Teen Ravine: ‘Hall Of Horrors’ 


Toronto duo Teen Ravine hone skills to write a lucid and gentle dream-pop song. The electric orchestration created at points provides such a refreshing alternative to more conventional methods resulting in a notable sonic experience.

Never Betters: ‘Pictures’

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.38.23 PM

Prepare to bounce straight out of your chair to this one, a punchy listen from the Canadian outfit. This is a defiant delivery and one that makes you daydream about being in a rock band. This is an undeniably great song.

LOVE SICK: ‘What I’d Do’


The name change has done the Scottish duo well and they have emerged bigger and better. Their latest release has a fragility that is soon shattered by the vast production that blankets it. With its beguiling beauty, and a hook big enough to thrust them into the big charts of the commercial mainstream, this is sublime.

Daggy Man: ‘Lovers On A Hospital Wing’


Thomas Calder, aka Daggy Man, painted a picture of such intimate detail with his voice alone that any other additions would be a bonus. This is a beautiful trek through someone’s life tinged with deep melancholy. The human element comes through effortlessly which will make your heart grow a few sizes.

La Bête Blooms: ‘Take Arms’

Leeds Live shoot - COPYRIGHT HOLLIE ROSA WARREN 2017-136

With a social attack like a tsunami, the quintet has infused their music with a real genre-bending attitude. Electro, punk, indie and more, there’s a consistency throughout of scope and sound. The whole track drips with a palpable sense of intensity and revolt.

Canshaker Pi: ‘Put A Record Out’

Canshaker Pi - Julia Nalaskowski

You will hear this for the first time and wonder where this band have been hiding. This is bright young talent with a rough edge and enough frenetic energy to find you craving a live performance. This hits the sweet spot between sludge and clarity and will have you crawling back for more.

Thyla: ‘I Was Biting’

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 17.22.35

The Brighton foursome’s exuberance is undeniable and their melodicism is in abundance. There is a solid coherence here and from the outset and you are hit with the most glorious wall of noise. Indie rock has never felt more alive or more authentic.

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