We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Alexander Vincent: ‘I Won’t’ 


This is our first introduction to Vincent and it’s a memorable one. There is something delicate and almost naked about it. Flowing between haunting vocals, processed synths and malificent undertones, this will burrow beneath the senses leaving you feeling unsettled, emotional and grateful.

L8loomer: ‘SFWU’


There are a number of songs that have adopted a style of delivery and production that are part of a non-differential field. The thing that sets this apart is the clear emotion in the vocal. You can feel that scars, the relationship breakdown, it almost amplifies the arrangement and turns it into a mission statement.

Another Sky: ‘All The We Do Create’ 


There is so much more to this than your first listen will bring. The depth of the arrangement, the jewels within the production and a vocal that will take you to another plain is only part of what Another Sky deliver. There is a musicianship here that is devastating. This is a fully developed aesthetic and one that will leave you open-mouthed.

Sal Dulu: ‘Antasma’


The mysterious Dublin producer has gained notable praise for previous offerings and his latest release backs up the hype. This is a synthesis and refinement of sounds that have come before and it is a triumph. With a familiarity, yet freshness, this is full of gorgeous, blooming melodies and razor-sharp production.

Banfi: ‘Never Really Cared’


The London trio continues to produce effortless hits. Their latest single is saturated with melancholy and swims through rivers of gorgeous melodies. The hypnotic quality of ‘Never Really Cared’ doesn’t really register until you find yourself completely emersed within in banishing any other thoughts other than the wonder of how stunning this song is.

joan: ‘i loved you first’ 

tmo artwork official

Wilson Phillips move over, joan are here to save us all. With its wickedly catchy melodies and a guitar solo that would induct them into a hall of fame along with Slash and Joe Perry, this will simply fill you with elation. This is an auspicious debut and one that has placed them as one of the most exciting new artists of the last few years.

Arlo: ‘Settle’

ARLO - Settle pic

The London-based singer-songwriter has penned his finest offering to date. A deeply emotive ballad, this delivers something comforting but maintains a burning intensity at its nucleus. This paints shades of sadness, naivety whilst evoking an undeniable strength. This is absolutely beautiful.

Wet Leather: ‘IWMU’


The NYC-based quartet have clear influences, ones that shine and they have successfully taken the essence of those inspirations and threaded them through their music. Their latest single is an endearing, synth-driven electro-pop banger. It’s a vivid dance-inducing anthem and one to turn the volume up to max.

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