We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Bad Honey: ‘Motions’ 

Bad Honey Press Image

This is stunning musicianship right off the bat. The first things to strike you is how effortless the delivery and production is. The vocals are some of the sleekest I have heard on record and the infusion of jazz and electronica will take you on a remarkable journey through the duo’s world. Bad Honey are well worth investing in.

Left Boy: ‘Sweet Goodbye’ 


Left Boy is an artist, full stop. His music manages to inject past influences without sounding dated or pastiche and there is a stunning dynamic to his music. ‘Sweet Goodbye’, continues the natural high you get from his output, it’s like a funky tsunami and one that places him as one of the most exciting artists within today’s commercial electro movement.

Lauren Ruth Ward: ‘Blue Collar Sex Kitten’


The Baltimore powerhouse returns and if this doesn’t put her on the map, then I don’t know what will. With modern thematic flair, she mixes the best of classic rock with punk and folk making this accessible to even the most hard to impress. Her voice is something of wonder and this is stunning.

TESHA: ‘Dreams’


The LA artist sounds pleasingly like no one else at the moment. This leads you into a world that might appear soothing on the surface but will challenge you with its conflicting tempo nuances and fragmentary production. I implore you to enter  TESHA’s spooky universe and open your mind to one of the most exciting new artists of late.

Wuzi: ‘Buffalo Shout’


Leeds has put itself on the map when it comes to producing a new community of stanch alt-rock bands. Wuzi are the latest addition, and with their cathedral of guitar sounds combined with a coarse vocal delivery, this sounds sumptuously undated. This is unadulterated alt-punk and can place itself firmly between stadium rock and underground dedication.

Jeff Rosenstock: ‘Melba’

Jeff Rosenstock

The NYC institution has returned with aplomb and his latest offering sparkles with a real uplifting human spirit. The most beautiful thing about this is how there is nothing patronising or zany, it is honest and completely enamouring. Prepare for a highly charged listen.

Dunes: ‘Disposable feat. PAIGE’

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 08.24.14

The 18-year-old Bristol-based producer has illustrated enough wealth of skill on this track alone to put many well-established industry peers to shame. Prioritising the most vital elements of PAIGE’s irresistible vocal, Dunes has managed to bathe the track in a real sense of darkness whilst soaking it with originality.

Night Owls: ‘Do You Want It All?’


The second Leeds outfit on our list, Night Owls will stereotypically be pinned to the American band mast until you catch a familiar British lilt coming through. With a relentless sultriness, wrapped in unlaundered guitar fuzz this has basically walked into the new music bar and stuck its two fingers up at all the mundane punters around it.

We Are Scientists: ‘Your Light Has Changed’ 


This is a gutsy return to form from the much-loved Brooklyn 2-piece. With their new album due out towards the end of April, the band sound more self-assured than ever. This is mammoth music delivered with swagger and whilst previous releases have been memorable, this delivers in excess.

Youth In A Roman Field: ‘I Saw You’


The NYC sextet first emerged in 2013 and their sound has continued to gain a body of maturity and magic over the last 5 years. With its soft orchestral loops and bubbling rhythmics, their latest offering is remarkably intimate given the size of band. This is a song to treasure and upon each listen you will discover something new.

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