We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Happy Axe: ‘Seven Sounds’


This is a mammoth instrumental effort, skilled musically and blending experimental sonics, ‘Seven Sounds’ has stood out as one of my songs of the year so far. The marriage of organic instrumentals imbued with delicate electronica provides a perfect balance. I wait with baited breath for what’s next.

Pizzagirl: ‘Coffee Shop’

Pizzagirl Favourite Song Press Photo Lo Res

With flashes of Talking Heads, the Liverpudlian producer has hit with a pop banger. This is an absorbing listen and one that will have you hypnotized. There’s a genuine warmth in the delivery and subtle evocativeness here. A superb listen.

Rachel K Collier: ‘Darkshade’


Collier has gained significant praise and once you hear her delicious vocal then you will understand. There’s a timeless nature to ‘Darkshade’ and this pop tour de force will hit you hard. Collier continues to define what kind of artist she is and this is one of the highlights of her discography so far, no matter where in its infancy it is.

Team Picture: ‘I Want You Life (Hack)’


Since their formation in 2016, the Leed sextet has gained notable praise. Their activity on the touring network has also led to impressive compliments from fans and peers. There is a really addictive sense of chaos about this, but its backbone is stanch, lucid and sets an understanding that their live performance will be something to remember. This will get those fervid juices flowing.

Kelela: ‘A Message (Petticoat Remix)’


Petticoat has managed to keep a distinctly human aspect to Kelela’s bombastic original. Within its layers of overwhelming production, there is a sparseness that provides enough breathing room for this to wash over you with sheer force. This is a breathtaking reworking.

Mylk: ‘Your Name’


The Melbourne 4-piece have a self-assuredness that bleeds effortlessly through this song. The caustic vocal delivery, the ying of slacker punk rock and the yang of tight, crunchy percussion makes this one of the most inviting songs of 2018 so far. Turn it up loud.

Racquet: ‘Sundown’


The LA-based outfit are set to release debut EP, Artifacts and latest track, ‘Sundown‘ sets to tone for what promises to be an intriguing record. With swirling, hypnotic guitar rivulets and a vocal that proves almost ghostly at times, this is a song to fall in love with. The resplendence of melody in this is something very special indeed.

Dead Sea: ‘Know Where’

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The Parisian outfit are set to support Editors on several dates and one you bathe in their dreamy electro waves you will understand why. This is an embracing song, one that lures you into a false sense of lethargy, but you find yourself completely stimulated by their interwoven, kaleidoscopic melodies. This is beautiful, spectral synth-pop.

Gaz Coombes: ‘Walk The Walk’


For me, this is Coombes’ finest work to date. It feels as though he is completely comfortable and channelling some of the most effortlessly sublime music I have had the pleasure of listening to. Its blend of soul, indie and at times classical will appeal to the dedicated Supergrass fanbase and a new audience. Can fans take note also! This is an immaculate masterclass in music evolution.

 Jean Michel Blais: ‘Dans Ma Main’


Blais is simply put, one of the finest modern composers to emerge of recent times. This is an emotionally charged score and one that will dictate your emotions with ease. It dips to the deeper side of melancholy and at times you can feel the emotion so resolutely that you can almost imagine Blais playing in your mind. I truly hope I get to witness this live one day.

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