Best Of July

Best Of July

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Riley Pearce: ‘If I Knew’

The Australian singer-songwriter manages to grab you as a listener almost immediately with his magnetising vocal. With a crescendo that will have your bottom lip quivering and your heart thumping, this is super intimate level and one that reaches a level that few do aurally.

Kat Cunning: ‘Stay On The Line’

Her voice is texturally intoxicating from the off and pop-soul chanteuse manages to inject so many influences into such a short space of time. A cerebral, yet wonderfully evocative song, it crafts an inwardness that pulls you in far more deeply than you ever expected.

Blanche: ‘Soon

19-year-old Belgian singer/songwriter Ellie Delvaux, aka Blanche tinges this with just enough melancholy to lift you into a dreamlike state. This is an otherworldy offering and one that shows the singer create superb imagery with her vocal and its sonic flesh. She manages to paint her landscape with so many colours thanks to her musicianship and this will hush you into submission.

Belaver: ‘Trash

There is little info on the NYC singer-songwriter, but his debut takes us back to the nostalgia of bands such as Weezer and Pixies in a way they isn’t pastiched, but a tribute. With its raw blasts of electric power, sullen lyrics and beautiful bass licks, this is an immediate and gratifying listen.

SHY Martin: ‘Lose You Too’

It would be quite easy to place this in amongst the endless generic pools of commercial similar music doing the rounds, but there is something far deeper on show here. The Swedish popster’s vocal is tinged with an aching that makes this feel far more real than something more contrived in terms of performance. This is a well-crafted ballad packed with emotion and finesse.

Elley Duhé: ‘Way Down Low’

Produced by the inimitable Hazebanga, this deepens on impact. Duhé’s vocal is the perfect addition to a pristine lesson in production. This shows real star power in a young singer in the midst of a song that is sonically ambitious and ready for the big stage.

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