Best Of February

Best Of February

 We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Banfi: ‘Never Really Cared’


The London trio has been consistent in their output. There is instant gratification as soon as you press play. This is a song to fully immerse yourself in, there is an intimacy created on an aural level that provides a striking headphones moment and one that puts the band on the map to stick with.

Zosia: ‘Water (ALFi Remix)’


Deepening with repeated listens, the atmospherics within this wash over you with force, but not to leave you drowning. There is a marriage between the production and vocal that balances with such ease. This located moments of anxiety and calm all within the space of around 4 minutes. A notable feat.

Feralie: ‘Good Mourning’

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The Connecticut trio are a breath of fresh air in a quite frankly dull current indie rock climate. This is ferocious, yet not overbearing, it has some wonderful melodic trinkets that will expand their scope the more you listen and there’s a dexterity here which sets them apart from their peers.

Domiciles: ‘Common Language’


The Fife quintet prove deadly with their textures and melodies here. There are so many different elements that make this stand above the crowd. The Andalusian nuances and the balance within the production will envelope you. This is a powerful trip through the musical slipstream.



What a pop cannon from the Toronto quartet! Clearly, in touch with their influences, this flows through effortlessly in their output and the production is faultless. This is gargantuan synth-pop with feelings.

Ganser: ‘PSY OPS’

Ganser MAIN press photo by Samantha Lare-Presser high-res

Chicago juggernaut, Ganser are one of a few bands that have successfully revived a blend of modern punk indie that is both contagious and memorable. It’s a whirlwind of crushing riffs, but still has subtle changes that keep it interesting. This is an accomplished punch to the gut.

Linn Koch-Emmery: ‘Wires’


The Swedish chanteuse has penned a song that really lingers. Melodically, her songwriting is divine, this is also passionate and resplendent in its delivery. Koch-Emmery is an artist to invest in and your emotions will grow with her journey.

Dose: ‘Furniture’


The experimental art rock duo may remind a few of early Mogwai, but there is definitely an augmentation of post-punk here. An anthemic offering, this is a shimmering and surehanded introduction to a promising new outfit.

Plastic Flowers: ‘How Can I’


Dream-pop atmospherics and frenetic guitars seduce the listener into a world of false security. The tandem of both makes this feel both spectral, yet beautiful. There is a command here to be admired and a world to lose yourself in.

Beck Pete: ‘Lonely’


There’s an immense compositional flair that matches a striking vocal confidence here. The maturity and sophistication in Pete’s performance still let through pinpricks of naivety. This is a rewarding listen.

Mree: ‘In The Kitchen’


The Portland-based singer-songwriter’s vocal is the first thing that hits. Majestic and impossibly rich, she is able to score this song with her voice alone which is a notable feat. This feels as expansive as it does ornate.

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