Best Of August

Best Of August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

RIMON: Realize

The Amsterdam-born chanteuse has a maturity well beyond her years. The confidence she displays within her latest release, ‘Realize‘ shows character, dynamic and authenticity. 

Meggie Brown: 10/6

This may feature Alex Kapranos and Edwyn Collins on backing vocals, but there is so much more on show here. Brown’s vocals for a start, balance a deeply soulful grain with a twisted rock underbelly. There is a garage rock gravitas about this that makes their vocal shine, even more. Yes, it features respected alternative influences, but this is all about Megan Brown. 

Nina Nesbitt: Loyal To Me

It’s quite easy to sit and ponder why singers become popular with little understanding of their own journey. Nesbitt has managed to rejuvenate her career and I mean that with no disrespect. If anything, I am in awe of how she has come back stronger than ever. ‘Loyal To Me’ is a notable pop song. Its structure and delivery might be painting pop by numbers, but there are few like Nesbitt and she is on her way to domination. 

Los Leo: Beautiful Mess 

The saturation of electro-pop is evident, but with 8 notes in a scale and millions of melodic combinations, every now and then a gem breaks the mould. Los Leo’s vocal strikes enough power to make it stand out in its own right, add an irresistible top line to pluck at those heartstrings and you are onto a winner. This is stunning. 

Micah P. Hinson: Small Spaces

With a new full length our October 26th, the crushing beauty of Hinson’s delivery and the orchestration that surrounds them continues to be devastatingly beautiful. Its cinematic appeal comes from the atmospheric tension it serves and this illustrates how good they are at their craft. 

Tia Gostelow: Hey Friends

The Australian singer-songwriter has been gained recognition in her home country. It’s easy to hear why in her latest solo release. A hazy wash of fuzzkill guitars and slacker vocals bathed in understated melancholy makes this seductive on one hand but drenched in confidence on the other. 

Haley Blais: Seventeen

The Vancouver artist’s latest release, Seventeen is awash with an orchestration of colourful vocal harmonies and instrumental trinkets. This is her own definition of pop music and whilst her vocal may come across as fragile, it’s the aspect that ties this all together. There’s eccentricity here along with evident talent and the result is both heartwarming and sophisticated. 

Thandii: Thursday’s Child

A wonderfully cerebral headphones experience, Margate’s Thandii defies any predicted chord changes and makes this one of the most refreshing alternative songs of late. Borrowing from all manner of stylistic aspects including jazz and trip-hop, this grabs you on first listen and will have you come back again and again.

Fanclub: Leaves

The Texas trio’s blend of cosmic melodies, nebulous vocals and dance-inducing drum lines are the perfect marriage. Dance, sing or ponder, this will soundtrack so many moods and manages to create a deeply intimate experience, but also one to shout about with others. 

Charles Fauna: The Boatman

Following the sublime ‘Something Human’, Fauna returns with another faultless haunting sonic landscape. The sheer emotional profundity that Fauna manages to inject into his music is what sets him apart. The ambience created swallows you up and as you enter his world you are lucky enough to experience production on a level that is exquisite. 

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