Benjamin Ingrosso: ‘Kite’

Benjamin Ingrosso: ‘Kite’

Swedish pop sensation Benjamin Ingrosso comes soaring back with his euphoric new single ‘Kite’, fusing classic 70s Swedish soul and gritty late 90s influences into a timeless pop anthem.

This chart-topping talent has crafted another infectious smash that whisks listeners away on airy currents of possibility and new encounters.

Co-written with an all-star team including Kylie Minogue collaborator Anya, ‘Kite‘ encapsulates the thrill of an enchanting journey where life feels vibrant, endlessly exciting, and love waits just around the corner. Ingrosso’s crystalline falsetto effortlessly glides above lush production, with the singer noting he’s never been more excited to share his music.

The accompanying video visually contrasts old and new just like the retro-modern sound, with Ingrosso explaining he wanted more rawness and less polish this era. 

As the brisk percussion propels us forward, the artist successfully fuses then and now into something beyond both – a timeless slice of effervescent pop equally at home in the 70s disco and on today’s charts.

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