Behind The Scenes: HQFU BBC Radio Scotland

Behind The Scenes: HQFU BBC Radio Scotland

Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying electro artist HQFU behind the scenes at her BBC Radio Scotland live session for Vic GallowayVic and his producers have delivered hundreds of sessions now from a smorgasbord of artists including Miaoux Miaoux, Admiral Fallow, Kathryn Joseph, Mogwai, United Fruit, Idlewild and more. You can listen again to his Session Highlights of some of the best Scottish artists of 2015. It’s important to remember that without Vic and the team, we wouldn’t have the same representation on this scale and it is without a doubt a lifeline.

For a new artist this is a fantastic experience, each session is recorded in a professional studio with excellent audio supervisors and engineers. Some artists may never get this experience.

HQFU’s Sarah J Stanley was the show’s first live session of 2016. You can listen again here:

Vic Galloway’s BBC Radio Scotland show is broadcast every Monday from 9pm:

In photos:

For more info on HQFU please visit: HQFU.CO.UK

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