Basement Revolver: ‘Johnny Pt. 2’

Basement Revolver: ‘Johnny Pt. 2’

With second EP, Agatha due out July 21st, Ontario trio Basement Revolver‘s new single will pull you into a realm of extraordinary heartache.

 ‘Johnny Pt. 2’, feels like sleepless nights pining for the one you love. It’s a book within a song of wanting something so much, but realising you are fighting for what is forbidden.

“…it was the heartbreak caused by an end, the wish that I could have been better, and the desire to continue a friendship. When a friendship wasn’t possible, I wanted them to know that heartbreak or not, I would be there if needed”, says lead singer Chrisy Hurn

Hurn’s defeated vocal lays beautifully on a bed of twilit melodies. There’s a weariness that stitches this song together, it then pulls on its clothes and picks itself up again creating one of this year’s finest singles.

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Photo by Yoshi Cooper

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