AVES: ‘Silent Solitude (feat. Markus Perttula)’

AVES: ‘Silent Solitude (feat. Markus Perttula)’

Finnish trio AVES return with the expansive and richly textured ‘Silent Solitude‘, an evocative electronic soundscape that lingers long after it fades.

There is admirable ambition here – loosely structured, the track ebbs and flows, wash upon wash of sound enveloping the listener. Yet anchoring proceedings is the gravitas of Markus Perttula‘s central vocal.

His rich baritone adds emotional heft, perfectly complementing Aves’ skill for patient sonic world-building. As the arrangement progresses, more layers amass yet rather than overpower, there is intricate interplay at work. Moments of shadow and light trade off, with radiant melodies emerging before receding back into the mix.

By subtly manipulating textures, the band manage to sustain intrigue across the track’s lengthy runtime. It is testament to their versatility – eschewing traditional structure, they opt for an impressionistic, cinematic sweep. Harnessing a range of electronics, they conjure stark digital tones against more organic instrumentation.

An ambitious melding of man and machine, ‘Silent Solitude‘ bodes well for the upcoming album. An exceptional showcase of peerless electronic craft.

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