AuthorHalina Rifai

WYRES: ‘Spring Breaks’

Swedish duo, Fredrik Forell and writer Arvid Jonsson aka WYRES have emerged with their stunning debut, ‘Spring Breaks’. With its distinctive elements, it still feels completely connected and evokes welcome emotion. Forell’s vocal does a magnificent job of tugging at the heartstrings with its effortless falsetto. Prepare to be mesmerised.

Mr Gabriel: ‘Tambourine’

Having found out that Mr Gabriel is Kopecky Family Band’s Gabe and Foster The People’s Mark Pontius, it will come as no surprise upon first listen how vibrant and addictive this is. This doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a dynamic, fun and addictive number. This is a supremely confident blend of anti-folk, indie…

DYAN: ‘Cycling Trivialities’

There is something magical about electronic trio DYAN. Their approach to production, their magnetic delivery and their cohesion as a band makes them stand out immeasurably. Every time I read the word “cover” I get a bit nervous. They are so hit and miss these days with many artists not taking the time to interpret…

Spotify Playlist: Human Growth

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This might not move sonically together, the songs are a mix of all styles, but the song titles represent human growth and experience. Take time to think about each title, the lyrics and what they mean for you. With love. This week’s artists: Basement Revolver: ‘Baby’ Rosie Carney: ‘Bare’ LIFE:…

Cautious Clay: ‘Stolen Moments’

With his acclaimed EP, Blood Type released in April, Cautious Clay continues his faultless run of intoxicating tracks. ‘Stolen Moments‘ is the latest delivery and a stripped back evocative and pure lullaby. The instantly recognisable vocal of Clay is perfectly cradled in a simple yet lulling production.

Saba Abraha: ‘Pathway’

Ethiopian songstress, Saba Abraha introduces herself to us with a notable debut in ‘Pathway’. She feels like she is shredding the textbook when it comes to new music and doing everything on her own terms with a unique boldness. With an eclectic balance of genres and soul as the core of its delivery, Abraha shows…

StereoRiots: ‘Ghost Machines’

Washington-based dynamic alternative trio, StereoRiots have enjoyed notable success previously and return with a comeback anthem of epic proportions. This bobs at a majestic high throughout and its wild passion and stunning atmospherics will burrow beneath the skin. This is life-affirming modern rock music.