Adam Stafford: ‘Erotic Thistle’

Adam Stafford: ‘Erotic Thistle’

Filmmaker, singer, songwriter and prodigal talent Adam Stafford returns with new single ‘Erotic Thistle‘. 

An artist who we have been following for over ten years now, Stafford has had an uneasy, complicated and yet, inspiring journey. It’s safe to say there is a pool of us who recognise what a visionary the musician is and his voice alone is one of the most cathartic you will experience. 

‘Erotic Thistle’ he explains: “was mostly written during a period in 2010 when I lived in Glasgow and slept for most of the day due to anxiety-ridden bouts of depression.” And, the album’s lead single is a beautiful callback to his material from around 10 years ago, thus our kinship continues. 

Released via Song By Toad Records, Stafford is a lonely outcast and this is a profile that suits him well. Some of us crave the sadness in his music. There’s a bleakness and underlying loss of hope that creates something all the more beautiful in his songwriting and performances. 

He will always be a grand revelation to us and someone who is not only charming but completely fascinating. 

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