MonthApril 2016

Nadia Nair: ‘BLOW’

Following her notable single ‘Something, Something’ Sweden’s Nadia Nair has returned with the bodacious ‘BLOW’. Blessed with a unique voice, Nair has elevated this to club status. Shifting from soul ballad to a sonic dance switch-up, open your ears to a feast of magnificent body-moving urban pop.  

Man Of Moon: ‘Sign’

Edinburgh duo Man Of Moon have already become one of this year’s most exciting Scottish musical prospects. Debut single ‘The Road’ not only floored a number of the bands peers, but it also made London’s music press and industry sit up and pay attention. ‘Sign’ is the follow-up taken from their Medicine EP, due out…

Innerspace Orchestra: ‘One Way Glass’

We have a new supergroup in our midst in the shape of Innerspace Orchestra. The new project of Tom Furse (The Horrors), Cathy Lucas (Fanfarlo) and Rose Elinor Dougall (Mark Ronson, The Pipettes) have revealed their introductory single ‘One Way Glass’. Airily psychedelic, the trio stretch stylistic boundaries and have produced a lush, romantic debut. ‘One…

Olga Bell: ‘Randomness’

Russian Native Olga Bell has catapulted the singer to the 90s dancefloor. Adopting a far moden production technique – this takes elements of funk and splices it with 80s synth-pop ambience and analogue dub techniques to create an inspiring epic pop soundscape.

Loud Forest – ‘Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me’

Los Angeles-based Loud Forest have been together for 10 years now and if their latest rousing release ‘Drag Me/Don’t Drag Me’ is anything to go by, there is no sign of the band laying things to rest.  From its pining verses to its mammoth choruses, this does everything to take you from a state of melancholy to complete jubilation.