MonthMarch 2016

Skating Polly – ‘Hey Sweet’

A  year after supporting Babes In Toyland on their UK tour, Oklahoma duo Skating Polly have announced the release of their new album The Big Fit. Latest track, ‘Hey Sweet’, delivers an impressive confidence. With spontaneous crushing riffs and jarring confrontation, this is effortless. Skating Polly are disquietingly fantastic. Produced by Kliph Scurlock (Gruff Rhys, Flaming Lips), The Big…

Caro – ‘Admit / Resist’

Leeds trio Caro have not only been announced for Live at Leeds Festival, but they have emerged with an astonishing debut.  With ceaseless pangs of heartache and jealousy, ‘Admit / Resist’ has an uncompromising and honest beauty. Caro have embarked on unique and fascinating turf, with a track so striking, I pray there is more…

Fresh: Isle – ‘Surrender’

Having created quite the impression with Mast, Liam Rutherford and Ben Singer are now reincarnated as Isle. Rutherford has come a long way since his first demos and it’s no secret I am an avid supporter. There is no question this is a mainstream pleaser, but having seen this duo perform live a few times…

Fresh: Flora Cash – ‘For Someone’

Flora Cash is husband and wife Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj. The Swedish duo have released bewitching sonnet ‘For Someone’. Peppered vocally with warbling  leaps into soaring vibrato, there is something beautifully cinematic about this song. They capture an underlying sadness that is unexpectedly moving.

Fresh: Buddha Trixie – ‘Real’

Buddha Trixie describe themselves as four college kids holed up in a garage in San Diego which is perfectly reflected in their latest track ‘Real’.  This is not so much recycling classic rock ‘n’ roll, but reviving it with added ebullience. This is an exciting new wave attack that goes way beyond the band’s years.

Fresh: Dreuw – ‘Wait’

Swindon doesn’t exactly conjure a catalogue of memorable musicians, but singer-songwriter Dreuw certainly is someone to put it on the map. His latest track ‘Wait’ is both vulnerable and affecting. Its quiet rippling guitar lines make you feel like you are immediately imposing on someone’s privacy. This is packed with dynamic bravery, if anything it leaves…

Fresh: Noble Oak – ‘Hyperion’

Canada continues to showcase an extraordinary new school of electronic artists and Noble Oak is no exception. If he’s aiming for naïve beauty with ‘Hyperion’ then he has hit it consistently here. For something so minimal this is surprisingly lavish. Subtly melodic and gloriously compelling, this is a real headphones moment.